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Our mission

The mission of our agency is composed of multiple sources, but all share a common goal: your satisfaction. This satisfaction inevitably relies on a mutual trust established from the beginning of our collaboration.

The first step of building trust is through expertise and the knowledge we provide. We offer you a team of experts capable of answering all your questions in the most transparent manner possible.

The second process influencing this trust is, of course, the support and especially the follow-up after handing over the keys. This promise is fulfilled with MHT HOMES, where a special team, internal to the agency, is dedicated to satisfying your rental management needs.

If the outcome of implementing these services is your satisfaction, then our mission is successful!

Our vision

Real estate investment is unequivocal: we believe it is the best investment one can make, across all sectors. Adding to this certainty is complete confidence in the Emirate of Dubai’s ability to transform a simple real estate investment into an excellent one.

Our knowledge of the terrain is highly advanced: our team consists of on-the-ground agents, consistently present, and particularly agents thirsty for a continuous quest for “more.” This thirst for learning drives us and compels us to constantly renew our skills.

Perhaps it is this reason that our CEO is currently the only French individual in Dubai to have been elected by one of the most significant developers (DEYAAR) as the best real estate agent in all of Dubai, in March 2022. With this accolade, we aim to elevate our team and the name of MHT REAL ESTATE to the highest ranks of international real estate agencies here.

frequently asked question

There is no doubt that Dubai stands as the real estate investor’s El Dorado worldwide.

Many potential investors might think they missed the boat after all these years of development, but this reasoning is entirely mistaken: every year, we observe a 15% inflation in real estate prices, and this has been the case since the post-COVID crisis.

Leading experts unanimously assert that Dubai is currently the most profitable real estate destination globally, relying on government statistics to confirm their statements. The contribution of interest-free payment facilities and the investment security imposed by the Dubai Land Department (equivalent to the Ministry of Real Estate) ensure investors have every reason to dive in. The complete absence of taxes and levies in real estate further optimizes investors’ rental returns. Finally, as the second most popular international tourist destination after Paris, Dubai attracts tourists from around the world, and this influx implies an inflation in property prices for both acquisition and leasing (long or short term).

MHT REAL ESTATE distinguishes itself through the implementation of four internal services within the agency, including, of course, expertise in investment. Depending on your financial capacity, MHT is able to provide conflict-free advice since we are accredited by all developers without exception. The agency has no vested interest in promoting one project over another. The development of the company’s strategy is based on keywords such as honesty and transparency, qualities often lacking in this industry.

However, it is in the second aspect that the agency truly sets itself apart from others: the in-house property management with MHT HOMES. The agency has an internal section dedicated to the management of short-term rental properties (such as Airbnb), whereas the majority of agencies outsource this activity to different entities. The combination of the first aspect with the second, as well as the third aspect, which is the design and furnishing service, makes MHT REAL ESTATE a unique player in the Dubai real estate market.

All of this, not to mention the legal service available to address any legal questions (laws, company formation, etc.) in the UAE.

Since 2009, Dubai has been benefiting from the Dubai Land Department (DLD), the government administration responsible for the development and real estate transactions in the emirate. The DLD plays a pivotal role in securing and regulating transactions between you, as investors, and various developers in Dubai.

In practical terms, when a developer intends to initiate a project, the DLD ensures beforehand that all formalities and criteria are met by the concerned developer (such as paying an upfront deposit to the constructor, establishing and validating an escrow account, etc.). For each project, the developer is required to open an escrow account regulated by the DLD, which disburses funds to the developer as they reach specific construction milestones.

In other words, no developer launches projects with investors’ funds; without exception, all developers must initiate their projects based on their own funds and only receive payments when certain construction milestones are achieved.

All these mandatory and secure configurations make Dubai the safest destination globally, especially in comparison to France, particularly in the OFF PLAN market (projects under construction).

Dubai is renowned for its interest-free payment facilities. Without exception, all developers provide access to property ownership through payment plans based on timelines that can extend up to 10 years in certain cases. This payment plan typically breaks down as follows: an initial down payment to be made after reserving your unit (which can range from 20 to 25% of the total property price), followed by various monthly (or quarterly) installments until the keys are handed over.

In the best current scenarios, by the time of key handover, you would have paid 50% of the total price, and the payment plan continues after key handover for durations of up to 3 years. This structure allows for potential self-financing through tenant payments, depending on the type of rental management employed (long-term or short-term, also contingent on the quality of management and its optimization).

These payment plans are formalized and registered with the government (DLD: Dubai Land Department), and the developer cannot alter the payment plan midway.

Through these arrangements, investors with more modest means can aspire to property acquisition and aim to complete payments within 7 to 10 years.

For instance, with an initial contribution of €40,000 and monthly installments of €1,600, you would be eligible for a 35m² studio in Dubai.

Contrary to misconceptions, one does not need to be ‘wealthy’ to make a property purchase in the Emirates.

The agency has, and it’s quite rare in Dubai to emphasize, its own in-house property management company within the MHT group: it’s called MHT HOMES.

One of the identified challenges in Dubai for investors is the often unfulfilled promise made by agencies in post-investment client care. After their investments, too many clients were left in the lurch, making it impossible for them to find tenants after key handover. Some, who didn’t speak English, were even forced to sell their apartments due to lack of profitability.

MHT HOMES was launched to address these issues of abandonment, and more importantly, to uphold promises made upfront: once you enter the MHT circle, you don’t leave!

Everything is in place to facilitate and optimize your investment.

The agency charges only 15% of the profits generated by your property, a commission rate well below the market average of 20% for holiday homes companies.

For example, if your property earns you €2,000 in a month, the agency will take only €300 for having taken care of everything (inventory, cleaning, check-in/check-out, marketing, etc.) for your property.

The service is highly competitive, and our clients are extremely pleased with the service provided by MHT HOMES.

Investing is good, but being supported from start to finish, and even after the finish, is better!

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